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How do I stitch over 2?

How do I stitch 'over 2'?

Pretend you are playing tic-tac-toe and draw the grid out on a piece of paper. Now, you would bring your needle up in the lower left corner and put it down through the upper right corner -- crossing over the square in the middle. Then to cross it, you'd come up in the lower right and down in the upper left, once again, crossing over the square in the middle. That is now once stitch done over two threads. Another way to help you count this while you are stitching is to bring up your needle in one hole, and then count two threads over and two threads up, and that is where the needle goes down.

How do I create my own design

How can I create my own design? Is there a simplified method?

Depending on what you want to do.. a sampler, a design from a photograph, a design of your own, etc. there are a variety of different methods. This isn't a very easy question to answer. :-)
There are several computer programs out there to help - PC Stitch, Stitch-A-Photo, Pattern Maker Software, Pattern Maker Cross Stitch Clipart, and I'm sure there are more. These software programs will help and provide you small images that can be used in your designs.
If you are trying to do a sampler of sorts you could just start with a book of drawn thread and cross stitch stitches and design your own on a piece of graph paper.

I would think the 'simplified' version is to find a software program that provides you with some of the functionality you are looking for.

Can I scan my needlework?


If you have a flatbed scanner, you can experiment with scanning your needlework. Ensure that the glass is clean and dust-free before putting your hard work on it!

How do I photograph finished pieces?

Natural Light

As natural light is best for creating needlework, it is also excellent for photographing it. Natural light will bring out the colors and texture of your work. If natural light is not possible a flash may help; if the needlework is behind glass it will cause a glare.

How do I photograph finished pieces?

Digital Cameras

If you want to post pictures of your needlework on a web site, digital cameras are a good choice. With digital cameras you can take repeated pictures until the desired effect is achieved.

How do I keep a record of my projects?

Before You Give It Away...

Photograph your work before giving it away as a gift. Create your own stitching photo album of all your completed pieces.

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