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How do I choose beads for my project?

Choosing Beads

When choosing beads, match them to the color of the thread, preferably in sunlight. Beads tend to have slight variations and some may be more suitable for a project than others.

What type of beads should I use in my stitching?

Glass Beads

Glass beads may be a better choice than plastic for cross stitching. Plastic beads may melt when the completed piece is ironed in preparation for framing.

How can I keep fabric taught when adding beads or findings?

Frames and Hoops

Use a frame or a hoop to keep fabric taught when adding beads.

How do I start adding beads to my stitching?

Test Beads Before Adding Them

Test your thread for color and your beads for size by stitching a few into the corner of a project. This way you won't have to take out stitches from your design if you're not happy with the results.

What thread do I use for beading my stitching?

To Floss or Not to Floss?

For beading your cross stich, you can use embroidery floss or beading thread. Beading thread may be appropriate if more durability is needed.

How do I work with silk ribbon?

Cutting Ribbon

Cutting ribbon at an angle will prevent the ends from fraying and make it easier to thread the needle.

How do I work with silk ribbon?

Framing Ribbon Embellished Pieces

Using silk ribbon on a design will give it a three dimensional effect. Be careful not to squish the ribbon design when putting the finished piece into a frame.

Should I add beads to my project first or last?

Stitch Before Beading

Add beads only after all other stitching is completed as floss tends to get caught in the beads.

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