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How can I sign my work discreetly?

Signing Your Work

To discreetly personalize a work, add your initials and the year. Use a backstitch at the edge of the design with a floss color that is readable, but blends in with the design. Do not mat over it, but instead allow it to be seen! It's always fun to look at your finished pieces and know when it was completed.
More detailed information could be added to the edge of the fabric where it will be hidden after framing. This information may be found years and years in the future and could be helpful in identifying when and who did the needlework.

How can I personalize a pattern?

Adding Words

Add a name, a date, or words to any pattern to personalize it. Search through pattern books for an alphabet that has an appropriate size and theme for the piece.

How can I start modifying premade charts and kits?

Try Modifying a Chart (a Bit!)

When beginning to make changes to a chart or a kit, start small. Change the colors of the border or the back stitching, then move on to changing colors in the design.

How can I personalize a pattern?

Poor Quality Floss

If the floss in a kit is not the quality you were hoping for, you can replace it. If the kit includes the color codes, it will be very easy to translate them to a better quality of floss. If not, you will need to match the colors as best as possible in natural light.

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