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How can I make a quick gift?

Gift Ideas

Bookmarks make wonderful gifts as they work up quickly and are very easy to personalize with a name or title of a favorite book.

How do I remove waste canvas?

Removing Waste Canvas

When removing waste canvas threads, remove the vertical threads first, then the horizontal.

How do I store fabric or finished pieces?

Re-use Packaging

Keep those plastic rolls that some fabrics come in when store bought. You can re-use them to store your projects.

Does perforated paper have a ´right´ side?

Right and Wrong Sides

Perforated paper does have a right and a wrong side. The smooth side is the right side, and is where the cross stitch design should be seen.

Should I cut paper before or after stitching the design?

Cutting Paper

Finish stitching the design before cutting the perforated paper. Use small sharp scissors to ensure the best results.

How do I remove waste canvas?

Removing Waste Canvas

To remove waste canvas, first take out the basting stitches, then wet the waste canvas with a spray bottle. Gently pull the threads of the waste canvas out from under the cross stitches with tweezers. Be patient - it will take some time.

How can I prevent the edges of fabric from fraying?

Ways to Prevent Fraying

To prevent the edges of fabric from fraying you can zigzag with a sewing machine, serge, or fold them over and baste stitch by hand. Masking tape is never a recommended solution!

How do I store fabric or finished pieces?

Never Fold Fabric

To store fabric for long periods of time, roll it loosely and keep it where it won't get crushed. Never fold fabric - the creases will be difficult to get out of a finished project.

How do I attach waste canvas?

Attaching Waste Canvas

Attach waste canvas by using a basting stitch in a color that contrasts with both the canvas and the fabric. Make sure it is snug, but don't allow the fabric to pucker or it will affect your stitches.

How much fabric should I use?

Fabric Size

Generally, you will want to allow an extra 3-4 inches of fabric on each side of the design. The amount of fabric will depend on the plans for finishing the piece such as framing or sewing into a pillow.

How do I work with waste canvas?

Sizing Waste Canvas

Cut waste canvas larger than the pattern by a few inches on each side. Doublecheck before cutting to ensure it's not too small for the design.

How do I find the center on perforated paper?

Don't Fold It!

Don't fold perforated paper to find the center. Instead, use a ruler and mark softly with pencil which can be erased later.

How do I finish off a bookmark?

Finishing a Bookmark

To finish a bookmark, cover the back of the stitching with fusible web. Cut a piece to fit the back of the bookmark and follow the directions on the package to apply it properly.

Is it difficult to work with linen?

Stitching On Linen

The difference between Aida and linen is that linen is normally stitched over two threads and Aida is stitched over one square.

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